About us
• We are a leading professional manufacturer of powders, granulates and solid cosmetics.
• We have created famous cosmetic formulations which have been praised by many high end retailers worldwide.
• We are the most professional developer for your private label brand.
• We can help you design and formulate your private label demands.
• We can provide quality sources for nearly any ingredient your private label product may require.
• We maintain the strict standards of the international regulations.
• We are CGMP certified and maintain full confidentiality.
• We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
• We have a team of product development and formulation experts ready to help you.
• Together with the demands of the retailer / or customer we will come up with a formulation within the budget.
• Due to the wide range of expertise we have in the packaging market we can help you with packing, packaging and design.
Our quality
• We have the capacity to upscale the production from 1 kg to 1.000 kg per batch.
• All is made According to C-GMP (Cosmetic Good manufacturing practice, DIN EN-22716).
• The quality testing is done in house so we can guarantee the highest quality of the products.
• Each year the company is audited by the GMP auditing firm. We also have frequently audits of high end retailers from all over the world.
Our values
Honesty is our tenet, We strive for perfection and aim to provide our customers with the best quality products and services.